Sparring in Krav Maga... Should You?

A discussion I have often heard amongst practitioners of self-defence and Krav Maga systems is whether sparring should be included in the curriculum. There are many valid arguments for both sides and different schools and instructors approach it differently. Here are my two cents.


100 Fights in 100 Minutes Charity Event

Perth Sunday 12th June, 12:30PM

Push your limits and contribute to a great cause.

100% of the funds raised through this event will be donated to charity.

The Concept: A friendly 100 rounds of sparring for charity! Benefitting Operation Rainbow Australia, who provide free surgery each year to children with facial deformities in the Phillipines.

How it works: We are seeking sponsors for each fighter for each of the 100 rounds they are able to fight. It could be a dollar per round, or it could be ten cents per round. Every dollar helps. Each round will be one minute and fighters will change partners every round.

What can I do? It’s easy. To register as a participant please download the forms below, and follow the instructions. Or if you are thinking of coming down to watch, make sure and get here early as space is limited!


Venn Diagrams and Martial Arts: Tradition, Sport and Self Defence

A topic that has been coming up in conversation and discussion over and over again over the past few weeks has been the differences between combat sports, self-defence and martial arts.

To the average person with no martial arts experience, they are often overlapping, perhaps even interchangeable. Indeed, most martial arts schools advertise all three regardless of the style they teach.

But are they exactly the same? If they are not, do they overlap and to what extent? Or are they totally different, or even mutually exclusive, modes of training?


Being a Good Training Partner, Pt. 2 - Roles, Mirrors and Comfort

Previous I discussed two points that relate to being a good training partner in the dojo. You can read about it here. Those two points related to what to do and what you need in order to do it. I also wrote quite a bit about some of the many funny, weird and wonderful faces you will meet at the dojo. You can read about them here.

I’d like to recap the example I used in the previous article, as it conveys a pretty strong message message:

The instructor just finished demonstrating a particular drill, and asks you to find a partner. Everyone in class is quickly paired up while you are still looking around trying to find someone who is on their own, and quickly notice gazes being averted when you try to make eye contact. You eventually manage to corner someone and now have a partner!


The instructor just finished demonstrating a particular drill, and asks you to find a partner. Before you get a chance to look around, 3 people approach you. They are all smiling and when you pair up with the nearest one, the other two smile and say ‘how about next round?’

Which one happens to you more often?


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