100 Fights 100 Minutes 2018 - Fighter Signup

100 Fights 2018100 Fights in 100 Minutes is a charity fund raiser that will be held at Combat Arts Institute of Australia in Leederville on Saturday April 28.

Proceeds will be donated to Diabetes Research WA.

You will need to sign up on this page and send your sponsors to this link.

Please fill in the form below. Thank you for your support.

I agree to participate in the 100 Fights in 100 Minutes 2018 event. 

I understand that I need to get sponsors to sign up and pledge to sponsor me for a certain amount of donation per round, and CAIA staff will contact my sponsors after the event and they will donate the sponsorship amount multiplied by the number of rounds I completed.

I agree that, in the event that I cannot organise any sponsors, I will make a personal donation of $50 to participate in the event.

I agree that this is a friendly endurance competition and eI will follow the directions of the referees and CAIA staff at all times. Excessive force will not be tolerated.