Perth Martial Arts Classes

YOGA perthVinyasa Yoga with Maureen Smith-Tan

Build strength, flexibility and power.

Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and Thursday evening courses. Taught by Maureen Smith-Tan, with over 12 years of experience, this course will focus on Vinyasa Yoga, which develops core strength, flexibility and anaerobic fitness. Maureen will take you on a personal journey to unlock and develop your inner power.

These courses are currently being offered at a special rate of only $115 per 9 week weekday course, $120 per 10-week Thurs night course, or $15 per session.

Beginners as well as experienced Yoga enthusiasts alike will benefit from Maureen's teachings and for all martial artists, yoga is an opportunity to develop the type of strength you can only get through years of martial arts training.

You will need: workout clothes, water bottle, towel.

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