100 Fights in 100 Minutes Benefit 2020

Perth Saturday 14th NOV, 11:30AM

100fights graphic100 rounds of kickboxing for a great cause.

Proceeds from the funds raised through this event will be donated to a CAIA family member who is battling a brain tumour.

The Concept: A friendly 100 rounds of sparring - with the proceeds going to a great cause! 

How it works: This is friendly endurance event in which fighters do 100 rounds of kickboxing and get sponsors in order to raise funds for a worthy cause. Each round will be one minute and fighters will change partners every round for 100 rounds of pure adrenaline.

We are seeking sponsors for each fighter for 100 rounds! You could donate a dollar per round, or it could be ten cents per round. Every dollar helps.

What can I do? Fighter Registration is now closed. PLEASE SPONSOR A FIGHTER by filling in the PayPal form below. If you are thinking of coming down to watch, make sure and arrive early as space is limited!

Date & Time: Saturday 14 November - 11:30AM at CAIA Leederville.

Audience Entry: $10 donation



Linus Hogan
Ron Amram
Darren J Strike
Kriss Soord
Michaella Mansilungan
Paula Kalinowski
Jack Glass
Simon Atkinson
Michel Maudit
Luke Thomas
Oliver Olsen
Lee Heapes
Shah Rezza Zaini
Jack Hopgood
David Browne
Dion Vanderputt
Jarrod D'Monte
Arseni Shchigel
Stuart Campbell
Jonathan Henton


Thanks to all the awesome fighters who have registered to support this worthy cause.

How does it work? 

  1. Fighters will raise money by participating in 100 rounds of kickboxing. 
  2. Sponsors make donations by sponsoring a fighter via the secure PayPal link above.
  3. Train your butt off and get ready for an incredible endurance event filled with warrior spirit!
  4. There will be raffles and opportunities for donations and priozes on the day too.

Excessive force will not be tolerated.

This is a friendly endurance sparring event and you should be prepared to go easy if you are matched up with someone who is not as experienced as you.

Keep an eye on this page and our Facebook page for more details and a roster of the fighters as they are announced.

This event is open to all schools and styles.

Any questions, please CONTACT US HERE or ring 08 9389 9489



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