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Youth Jujutsu & Krav Maga

Building better young people.

Youth Martial Arts classes at CAIA are aimed at 6-15 year olds and teach balance, flexibility, strength, skill, anti-bullying tactics and anti-abduction awareness. We also help kids understand important fundamentals about respect, traditional values, community and self confidence / self reliance.

But mostly we have fun!

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 4PM, Ages 6-15

CAIA's Kids Krav Maga & Jujutsu covers a wide range of disciplines & self defence including calisthenics, striking, evasion, escapes from grabs, takedowns, weaponry and more - as well as fun martial arts activities that are great for developing minds. Taught by an advanced Black Belt 6th Dan instructor with over 45 years experience, rankings are internationally accredited.

Samurai philosophy, ethics and respect, conflict resolution, stranger danger, dealing with bullying, self discipline and stress management are also integral in the training. The ultimate goal of martial arts for Youth is preparing them to be strong, healthy, happy, self confident contributing members of our community.

GEAR REQUIRED FOR THIS CLASS: Regulation CAIA Jujutsu Gi, CAIA T shirt, socks, water bottle, towel.

For the trial, please bring a black or white tshirt, tracksuit pants, socks, water bottle, and a towel.



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