Perth Martial Arts & Fitness Classes

kickboxing perth caiaKickboxing Classes at CAIA

For Fitness, Technique, Sparring or all 3?

Do you want to lose weight, gain skill and look & feel better? These kickboxing sessions are designed to smash through your fitness barriers and generate results. 

We have different classes and training types focusing on different kinds of Kickboxing: Kickboxing for Fitness, Technical Kickboxing, Kickboxing Sparring and Personal Training with Kickboxing World Champion Oli Olsen. Please talk to us about whch combination is right for you.

Burn 800 calories in a 1 hour session!

Our experienced instructors will help you lose weight, get strong & lean -- improving your overall fitness while learning authentic, effective and fun kickboxing.

Benefits: Lose weight, gain tone and strength, endurance and flexibility while developing real skill and having fun!

What to bring:

  • Beginners: Boxing gloves, hand wraps, workout clothes, water bottle, towel
  • Advanced: Boxing gloves, shin guards, mouth guard, hand wraps, water bottle, towel (head gear optional)



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