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    Perth Krav Maga
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  • Kickboxing Perth

    kickboxing for fitness, kickboxing for competition or just for fun. Classes on at 6AM and 9:30AM every weekday. Have fun, learn some cool stuff and get the fitness for free! No experience necessary.

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  • Krav Maga Perth

    Are you ready? Krav Maga at CAIA will give you the basic self defence skills and techniques to feel confident to defend yourself in various situations. Krav Maga uses basic, simple responses that are easily adapted to 'muscle memory'...

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  • Kids Martial Arts Perth

    For kids and youth aged 7 - 15. Japanese Jujutsu, Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) for kids. Great for strength, confidence, coordination, learning respect, developmental and bullying awareness...

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  • 1-Week Starter Program $20

    Get 1 week of unlimited access to all CAIA group classes for $20. This includes Kickboxing, Krav Maga, BJJ, Japanese Jujutsu, Yoga, Lunchtime & Morning classes, Weapons and more ...

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  • Perth's Martial Arts Community

    Come down and have fun getting fit with Krav Maga, Jujitsu, Kickboxing, BJJ, Yoga, Weapons and more - in a no-egos, no-nonsense environment 6 Days a week in Leederville Perth.

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  • Perth Martial Arts & Fitness

    Perth Krav Maga, Jujutsu, MMA, Yoga, Fitness and Self Defence for all levels, ages and types. Welcome to CAIA - the source for authentic martial arts, self defence and personal development in Perth.

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Welcome to CAIA - the only place in Perth you can do Krav Maga, JiuJitsu, BJJ, MMA, Self Defence, Japanese Jujutsu, Kenjutsu, Bojutsu, Yoga, Women's Self Defence, Escrima, Kali / FMA, Kickboxing, Weapons, Kids Martial Arts and Fitness Classes - all in one place, taught by internationally accredited experts in their fields.

Womens Krav Maga Self Defence Workshop

Perth Tuesday 18th June 2019, 6:30 - 8:30PM

Gain skill, confidence, awareness and ability.

Women's Krav Maga at CAIA focuses on the advantages the female body has over a male's in an attack situation.

Learn simple, practical, muscle-memory responses that are designed to 'even the odds' in a male-to-female attack, based on physiology, sociology, and everyday settings & situations in a safe, fun workshop style format.

Realistic Scenario Training for situations derived from Police statistics of common attacks - with NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY in a fun, safe environment.

  • When: Tuesday 18th June, 6:30-8:30PM.

  • Cost: $75 non-members | CAIA Members, this is included in your membership.

  • Bring: Workout clothes, shoes, water bottle, towel

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Perth Martial Arts & Fitness Training

Welcome to CAIA - one of the only places in Australia you can train various martial arts with internationally accredited instructors who are experts in their fields all in one central location.

BJJ, Krav Maga, Traditional Japanese Jujitsu, MMA, Kickboxing, Yoga, Sword/Stick/Knife and multiple fitness classes on 6 days a week in Perth - in a friendly, family-like atmosphere, you are guaranteed to get results in self defence & fitness, learn some mad skills and have fun doing it.













What our members say

  • We’d all recommend it to anyone interested in learning how to confidently assess your surroundings and to start to develop the skills to assertively protect yourself (heel, elbow, knee, knee, knee!)

    Women's Krav Maga
  • CAIA classes allow for people of all walks of life to learn plenty of potentially life saving knowledge, whilst guaranteed to also have had a good time and improve on any fitness goals they may have. Family style environment in the Dojo with an emphasis on street defense.

    Anthony DiLena
    University Student
  • Truly a fantastic place for myself, my children and my community to come together and feel connected through a positive learning program. Noah has three children himself and honours the importance of helping children develop positive personal growth through learning how to maintain their physical well being.

    Maureen Smith-Tan
    Yoga Instructor & CAIA Parent
  • Becky, Robyn and I all attended this session last night and found it both useful and fun (once I got to grips with the concept of hitting strangers.) We survived – with only a few strains and bruises! – and learnt some excellent tricks and skills. It was very practical and the trainer was fantastic.

    Perth City
  • CAIA cover all aspects of self defense and law amongst many other things. Classes are very well run and the proprietors very professional. I have approached our Senior Ranger with the concept of CAIA providing training for Ranger Services.

    Ron English
    Ranger, City of XXXXX

Guaranteed. Results.

Join us and train for two weeks and we guarantee you WILL see results.

Our Kickboxing Fitness Classes burn an average of 800 calories in a one our session. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Morning Kickboxing, Lunchtime BJJ, Krav Maga, Jujitsu, MMA and Yoga will also get you in the best shape of your life!

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