Fitness Kickboxing Bootcamp 8-week Transformation

perthkickboxingfitnessLose Fat, Increase Confidence, Build Strength and Endurance

Transform Your Body into a Leaner, Stronger, Healthier YOU!

Our 8-week Fitness Kickboxing Bootcamp Transformation will get you results.

Now is the time to get your Summer body in shape. For over 5 years in Leederville we have helped hundreds of people get into great shape and have fun while doing it! 

Challenge Yourself

Our Fitness Kickboxing Bootcamp meets on Monday Wednesday and Fridays at 6AM and 5:30PM, and when combined with our Combat Fuel nutrition plan, plenty of water intake and good rest can be your key to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Results. Guaranteed.

We guarantee that you will see results if you follow our 8-week Kickboxing for Fitness Bootcamp Transformation or your next bootcamp is FREE! 

Keep An Eye Out For The Next Bootcamp Start Date!

Bootcamp is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at CAIA Leederville from 6-7AM, and 5:30-6:30PM. It includes the 8 week training, a food log, a pre-and-post bootcamp body scan, and our Combat Fuel Guide with easy recipes and balanced fuel food plans to empower your transformation, plus advice on calisthenics and exercises for your days off to keep the transformation going. When you complete the full program you will receive $50 cash back!

Next bootcamp starts Monday October 1st.

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