Combat Arts Institute of Australia (CAIA) is an active contributor to the culture, community and quality of life in Leederville. We offer a vibrant, positive, safe place for people in the area to get fit, gain skill, and increase their wellness, confidence and ability - in mind, body and spirit. Our commitment to health, safety and empowering people in the City of Vincent is an integral part of our martial arts culture, which is tied to our traditional values and commitment of service to our community.

KAIZEN (改善) is the Japanese term for Continuous Improvement. As Martial Arts practitioners we are always striving for this in our training, our work, our family / community and in our mind / body / spirit. We will never achieve perfection but we will strive for it as an axiom in every moment, every breath, every movement. In hard work there is purity and service to this purpose is an honour and a privilege.

Our values are based in Bushido, the ancient Way of the Warrior practiced by the Samurai:

The Bushido code is typified by seven virtues:

Associated virtues:


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