Friday, 17 May 2024 12:30

Knife Violence and CAIA Perth

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No doubt you’ve heard about the horrible events that have happened recently in the eastern states of Australia - several fatal knife attacks happening within days - events that have shocked the entire country. Probably one of the most significant issues is the disbelief that this could actually happen in Australia, and so close together at that. For those of us who come from parts of the world where violence is more prevalent, it almost seems farcical that two stabbings several thousand kilometres away could resonate so clearly here in Perth in both the media and in typical conversations, but it does. People all around the country have been affected by this, and the trauma is real. What brings it home for us here in Perth is that it 

Over the next several weeks at CAIA, we will be focusing on responses to real world knife violence in an effort to help make people aware of the severity and options around this, and possibly start on the path of healing. 

We are here for you, and for those of us who have experienced real violence, we are ready to help in any way we can. Let’s remember that everyone has the opportunity to make a difference in this, and all it takes is a single step.



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