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I just started at CAIA and the trainers are so helpful and encouraging. I have no background in any form of martial arts and was encouraged to just jump in with everyone else - it's great. Great fitness and awesome atmosphere. Thanks guys.

CAIA Intro Course

After years of going to the gym I was looking at doing some fitness that really challenges myself and learning some real world defense techniques. CAIA is an amazingly refreshing change to the martial arts circuit in Perth. Noah, Ron and Julius are true professionals in their crafts and have a huge passion not only for the disciplines that they teach but for helping people achieve their goals. If you want to really push your fitness or learn some real world defense techniques the Combat Arts Institute of Australia is a fantastic place to come. Genuine people with passion for what they do in a friendly training environment. Fantastic.

CAIA Member

We have had the pleasure of being involved with "CAIA" for approximately 18 months. My 7yo daughter attends her training twice a week through-out the school calendar. The program offered to the children focuses on confidence, self awareness, community safety (ie stranger danger), anti - bullying and fitness, as well as maintaining traditional Japanese values. The staff at CAIA have an incredible ability to involve the kids, providing a safe and enjoyable environment, using a sincere and balanced approach to educating the kids in the importance of respect and integrity. The facilities offered are of a very high standard, with an emphasis on cleanliness and quality , which is all part of perpetuating the core values of confidence, excellence and fun with all the kids.

CAIA Parent


What our members say

  • We’d all recommend it to anyone interested in learning how to confidently assess your surroundings and to start to develop the skills to assertively protect yourself (heel, elbow, knee, knee, knee!)

    Women's Krav Maga
  • CAIA classes allow for people of all walks of life to learn plenty of potentially life saving knowledge, whilst guaranteed to also have had a good time and improve on any fitness goals they may have. Family style environment in the Dojo with an emphasis on street defense.

    Anthony DiLena
    University Student
  • Truly a fantastic place for myself, my children and my community to come together and feel connected through a positive learning program. Noah has three children himself and honours the importance of helping children develop positive personal growth through learning how to maintain their physical well being.

    Maureen Smith-Tan
    Yoga Instructor & CAIA Parent
  • Becky, Robyn and I all attended this session last night and found it both useful and fun (once I got to grips with the concept of hitting strangers.) We survived – with only a few strains and bruises! – and learnt some excellent tricks and skills. It was very practical and the trainer was fantastic.

    Perth City
  • CAIA cover all aspects of self defense and law amongst many other things. Classes are very well run and the proprietors very professional. I have approached our Senior Ranger with the concept of CAIA providing training for Ranger Services.

    Ron English
    Ranger, City of XXXXX