Perth Personal Training at CAIA

Perth Personal TrainingWhether you want to fit into that sexy dress, look great at the beach, get that killer six-pack or work on your guns, CAIA's personal trainers will get you the results you want.

Personal Training is a great way to get results quickly, work on what YOU want to work on and exceed the goals your set for yourself.

Our personal training team consists of CAIA Director Ron Amram, CAIA Instructor Marcus Lopes and Personal Trainer Adam Simonow. Highly qualified and with a combined 30+ years of experience in fitness and training, they can help you smash any challenge!

Personal training at CAIA Perth offers great benefits to those who want individual care, great service and - above all - great results. 

About the trainers:

  • Ron specialises in weight loss, calisthenics and functional training.
  • Marcus specialises in weight loss and strength and conditioning training.
  • Adam specialises in well rounded training, HIIT and targeted results.

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