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July 8 Perth Street MMA Workshop with Dr Gavriel Schneider

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Perth Wednesday 8th July

Convert your ring skills to street self defence

6th Dan Dr Gavriel Schneider presents a dynamic workshop designed to put your MMA training into focus for self defence. Combine striking, grappling, takedowns, joint locks and defend against a variety of street attacks that are common in Australia today.

About Dr Gavriel Schneider

Current Head of System for Gendai Ryu and the Modern Warrior Alliance, with over 30 years of training and teaching experience. He has presented self defence, tactics and combat training to Special Forces, presidential protection units, bodyguards and security operators. Inducted into the South African Martial Arts Hall of fame, he is a former member of the South African full contact Taekwondo team, coach to the South African Muay Thai team and competed in the 3rd Kings Cup in Bangkok. He was Black Belt full contact champion in the DSJJ world full contact championships held in Israel, and inducted into the museum of martial arts history in Israel. He is also former head of system for Hisardut jujitsu for the Asia pacific region.

When: Weds July 8th, 17:30 - 20:30

Where: CAIA Leederville

Price: $65 in advance | $85 on the day

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